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Welcome to the Online Resource Hub for the Leading Digital Transformation Programme - an executive level programme providing participants with the knowledge and practical skills for developing, implementing and proactively managing successful transformation strategies 'fit-for-purpose' in an era of turbulent change and digital disruption. The Online Hub presents the core reading and other support material relevant to all modes of programme delivery including our two-day Executive Masterclasses, MBA Modules, industry specific and in-company delivery. Content is updated on a regular basis ensuring that the most recent and relevant research is included. This introductory module presents a brief overview of the programme, course material, readings and other support material.
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Over the next few years, the convergence of a broad range of disruptive technologies, and associated societal changes, will reshape industries, markets and the public sector faster than at any time in history. Hyper awareness of these trends, the external digital landscape, the disruptive technologies and associated societal changes reshaping your industry, the opportunities and threats presented for your own organisation is a key trait of a successful leader of change for the digital era. The overall aim of Module 1 is to present a framework for evaluating the current and future state of digital disruption in your industry, the key technologies involved, emerging opportunities & threats and likely impact on your own organisation. The key question addressed is 'to what extent will your industry, your organisation be disrupted; to what extent will you be disrupted?". Links for additional background reading are provided.
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Module 2: External Digital

The rapid emergence of a new generation of constantly connected, empowered customers (B2C and B2B), is leading to the ‘end of marketing as usual’. With customers no longer being passive recipients of brand messages, traditional broadcast approaches to sales, marketing, PR and customer service are declining in effectiveness. Module 2 examines the use of digital and social media technologies for building customer engagement; the new rules of sales, marketing and PR in a digital era; social customer service; content marketing; big data and predictive analytics; real time engagement as the new marketing. The ‘old’ rules of mainstream media are about controlling the message. Because of the digital and social media revolutions, a new approach is required based on the principles of Inbound/Content Marketing and Social Customer Service. Content and engagement NOT broadcasting. Marketing as a two-way conversation with customers.
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Module 3: Internal Digital

Current and emerging digital technologies provide exciting opportunities for your organisation to rethink the way you operated, the way you work, breaking free from the limits imposed by outdated legacy systems. Module 3 asks you to evaluate your organisation’s current use of digital technology internally to improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, building an agile, fast moving, responsive organisation ‘fit-for-purpose’ in an era of turbulent change; identifying areas for future improvement. Key issues covered include the use of digital and social technologies within the business to improve internal communications and knowledge transfer; achieve operational efficiencies; build agile, fast moving flexible organisations; improve staff engagement and morale; drive change towards a more customer centred organisational culture. ‘Enterprise Social’ tools and software. Big data, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0.
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There is growing evidence that ‘transformation planning pays’. In other words, ‘leading digital’ organisations who plan and manage their transformation programmes well consistently outperform 'digital laggards'. The next two modules of the class are very closely linked. In this module we present a framework covering the key steps involved in developing a transformation strategy ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital era. This includes - agreeing a vision; strategic objectives; being customer led; the key actions and initiatives you need to take; organisation, culture and people issues; performance measurement. Module 5 discusses implementation issues, overcoming the barriers and obstacles to change within your organisation.
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Following our discussion in Module 4 on transformation strategy development, this module focuses on the issues and challenges facing organisations in implementing digital supported transformation programmes. The module asks you to identify the main barriers and obstacles to successful transformation in your own organisation, proposing solutions on how these can be overcome. We also touch briefly on the issue of digital transformation performance measurement and the key traits of a successful change leader. As we move from the WHY to the HOW of digital transformation, greater attention is now being paid to these implementation issues, especially the main barriers and obstacles standing in the way of effective change. There is growing acceptance that the main change barriers are organisation, people and culture related NOT technology; legacy management thinking rather than legacy technology. Leaders of change for the digital era and digital change agents are urgently required!
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