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An interesting article, by Don Hinchcliffe, summarises the radical changes taking place in the 'learning' industry as a consequence of the digital and social media revolutions.

Digital, according to the author, can take learning in powerful, new and unexpected directions, fundamentally changing how we find knowledge and share information.  

The traditional approach to learning is still the norm in many cases, including the world of corporate education, with passive learners sitting in a classroom consuming pre-packaged content in bulk presented formally by an educator.

However, with the typical person today being far more likely to reach for their mobile phone to learn something, the digital and social media revolutions open up exciting new opportunities for learning to become more social, informal, self-service and enjoyable.

"Perhaps the single most valuable asset an organization has is its workforce. New forms of digital learning are making it possible to invest continuously in those workers to help them stay relevant, build skills, and be retained by their organizations."

The core theme of the article is summarised in the Infographic below.

The Digital Transformation of Learning: Community, Microlearning, Situated, On-Demand, Self-Service

The full article, well worth reading, can be found here.

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