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Digital leaders in the public sector need to address top-down, rigid management hierarchies that stifle innovation according to a recent briefing note from Socitm, the organisation for public sector IT professionals.

For digital transformation to be effective, Councils need to embrace new ways of working. The 'status quo' is not an option. Digital leaders need to embrace new thinking and quickly.

The briefing note argues that traditional top-down management hierarchies are unlikely to work well in the digital age and stifle innovation. Digital leaders need to establish a culture of change and improvement, managing teams by outcomes rather than inputs.

Old constraints about when and where work should be done are often inconsistent with new digital thinking and ways of working. They are born of rigid hierarchies and top-down command and control. Employees should be treated as valued, responsible and well-motivated adults.

The note also argues that digital leaders need to develop the skills to 'sell' digital ideas to relevant service managers and to advise leaders to embrace agile working.

Socitm acknowledges that many of their recommendations do not fit easily with the 'conservative' public sector. However, this needs to change if local authorities are to provide services that can cope with increasing demand.

You can read the full article here.

Hopefully these issues will be discussed further during the Socitm Scotland 2016 Conference taking place in November.

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Jim H

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