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As we continue with the pretence that Scotland will be a world-class digital nation by 2020, an objective that is already unattainable due to Digital Darwinism (the fact that technology and society are evolving at a faster rate than our ability to adapt), this is the debate we really should be having - Digital Disruption Summit.

With November and December being the traditional business awards months in Scotland, we will soon be handing out awards covering the best use of e-commerce, best mobile app, best use of social media, digital professional of the year and many others. While I wish the short-listed candidates all the best, I think we are completely missing the point here.

Where is the award for the best appreciation of the likely impact of digital disruption on the Scottish economy? Where is the award for the best example of digital business transformation? Are we even having this debate?

With evidence suggesting that digital disruption will replace 4 out of 10 industry incumbents within the next five years and that 47% of jobs could be at risk due to computerisation over the next two decades, is Scotland sleepwalking into a digital abyss?

Enjoy the collective back slapping at the various awards ceremonies taking place but perhaps also take a quick look at what is happening elsewhere in the world.

The preamble to the Middle East Digital Disruption Summit taking place in Dubai (6-9 December) does not mince its words:

Will you be a disrupter...or will you be disrupted?

What's your digital strategy? Don't have one? You'll be out of business tomorrow.

If you haven't (or currently aren't) digitally transforming to respond and defend yourself against disruption, your competitive edge is as good as gone.

Enjoy the awards ceremony.

As always, comment and feedback are very welcome.

Jim H

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