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Yesterday, i read an article which appeared to leak a preview of the long-awaited National Digital Strategy for Scotland (updated).

I really do hope that i am 'jumping the gun' here but the article did raise alarm bells for me.

Based on comments from a Government spokesperson, it appears that the updated strategy will focus on four main areas - a commitment to data sharing; collaboration across the public sector; the appointment of a Digital Leader; and industry, academia, government collaboration on the digital agenda.  

Is that it? Is that our National Digital Strategy? …

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As Scotland procrastinates in developing an updated Digital Strategy, the UAE has set itself a target of being a world leader in adopting Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

A six-pillar plan launched by the UAE Government, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), seeks to transform the Fourth Industrial Revolution into a global movement spearheaded by the UAE.

The vision is for the UAE to become the first country in the world to experiment with and implement the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, creating new markets for them.

The new strategy builds on previous government initiatives promoting other disruptive technologies such as the blockchain, smart transportation, 3D printing, and…

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