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MIT have recently published their Top 20 Sloan Management Review articles of 2017.

Not surprisingly, articles on digital strategy, transformation, AI and data analytics dominate the most popular reads. 

The Top 20 are listed below (click link to access each article): 

The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence

Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation…

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Digital Disruption Top Reads (No. 2)


Please find below our top ten reads on Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation published over the last month or so; together with some news type articles.

Top Ten Reads

Digital Disruption to Displace 4 in 10 Industry Incumbents by 2020

A short introduction to the recent IMD/Cisco Report. Digital disruption could overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than any force in history. Based on a survey of 941 business leaders in 12 industries and 13 countries, the report concluded that digital disruption will displace approximately 40 percent of industry incumbents within the next five years.

The Digital Vortex

A slightly longer summary of the above. Despite the threat of…

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An interesting Infographic has just been published by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte based on their 2015 report entitled Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation.

The Infographic illustrates how rethinking strategy, culture and leadership can help organizations transform digitally.  Please click here to enlarge the image.

The full report, with detailed Executive Summary, can be downloaded here.

Take care.

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This Open Letter on the Digital Economy, from MIT, absolutely nails it in my view.

Although based on a US perspective, the call for a three-pronged effort covering changes in public policy, new organisational models and more research into the economic and social implications of the digital revolution is of equal relevance to many other countries.

Please take the time to read the Open Letter, following the links as appropriate.

As usual, all comments and feedback are very welcome.

MIT Open Letter on the Digital Economy

Jim H

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