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"It’s a strange world we live in when large companies such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are able to store huge quantities of our personal data and profit from it in a way that doesn’t always benefit us.

And when those same companies lose our personal data and make us susceptible to identity theft, there’s virtually nothing we can do about it.

Equifax lost the data of more than 140 million people, and recompense is not forthcoming. Meanwhile, the CEO may be stepping down with a pension worth $18 million. Clearly, the system is broken, and it’s time to stop and ask ourselves why we continue to rely on a system that doesn’t stand up to the challenges we face in a digital society.

Could the Blockchain help us to reclaim control of our personal data? via Harvard Business Review.

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Does your Board of Directors grasp how disruptive technologies are reshaping your industry?

Are they driving and supporting your CEO in achieving digital transformation, leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for building an efficient, agile, fast moving and responsive organisation fit-for-purpose in a digital era?  

Alternatively, is your Board sitting back watching as born-digital companies reinvent your industry? Are they playing safe, watching your organisation's slow decline into obsolescence?

A recent Harvard Business Review article argues that Boards must recognise the unstoppable digital forces at play in your industry, driving your CEO to reinvent the business while you still have the resources to do so.

To avoid becoming the Kodak of your industry, five key actions your Board should be taking now…

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A World Class Digital Nation? (update)

1485768?profile=RESIZE_480x480Further to our previous blog post Scotland: A World Class Digital Nation ('Nae Chance'), new evidence appeared this week, in the Harvard Business Review no less, showing that Europe as a whole is in the midst of a digital recession, especially when compared to the US and Asia; a digital recession that will have severe consequences for Europe's global competitiveness. 

Of the 50 countries studied in the Digital Evolution Index, 23 were European (not counting Turkey). Only three of these, Switzerland, Ireland, and Estonia, made it to the commendable “Stand Out” category defined as 'countries with high levels of digital development making them attractive to global businesses and investors, with digital ecosystems positioned to…

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