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Is Marketing Becoming Obsolete?

Next week I will be in Iceland delivering two half-day workshops.

The first session will examine the changing role of HR in an era of digital disruption.

The key motion being discussed during workshop two is whether marketing, as we know it, is becoming obsolete. Is the convergence of disruptive technologies (mobile connectivity, social media, the cloud, big data, predictive analytics, algorithms, IoT, AI, automation, cognitive computing, augmented reality and the blockchain), combined with the rapid emergence of a new generation of constantly connected customers (Gen C), leading to the end of marketing as usual?

Key discussion points will include:

  • Has the marketing profession adapted quickly enough to the digital era? Does the profession need to #adaptordie?
  • Are we viewing the world as it is or as we have always known it? Are we operating with out-of-date marketing paradigms? What are the new ‘rules’ of sales, marketing and PR in an era of customer empowerment? Content and engagement not broadcasting? Marketing as a two-way conversation with your customers?
  • Gen C - are we aligning marketing with the buying behaviour and growing expectations of constantly connected customers and digital natives?
  • On the web, do we still view customers as passive sheep just waiting to be driven to our web site? Is the linear sales funnel still relevant when ‘prospects’ and ‘targets’ are now in control?
  • Is ‘social selling’ the new B2B marketing?
  • What are the implications for brand management when the brand has become the customer experience of the brand, experiences that are widely shared across social platforms?
  • Should we all just ‘shut up and listen’, developing actionable insights from social media conversations?
  • Have social customer service, managing the online customer experience, word-of-mouth and community engagement become the new pillars of marketing success?
  • Is SME export support policy stuck in a 35 year, pre-digital time warp?
  • Do we need a new approach to measuring marketing performance and business impact?
  • What new marketing skills are required in a digital era? Are we developing next generation marketers? Is our marketing education system 'fit-for-purpose'? Does academic research in marketing have any relevance today?
  • How will emerging technologies such as the Blockchain, Big Data, IoT etc impact on marketing?
  • Are we ready for Marketing Darwinism, a phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than our ability to adapt?

Hopefully, it will be an interesting session.

As always, comment and feedback are very welcome.

A follow-up post will cover the key questions being addressed in the HR session.

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Take care.

Jim H

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