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According to a recent survey by Fujitsu, European business leaders view digital transformation as being critical to their future success. However, most companies lack a clear strategy for 'getting there'. The majority still see the digitalization process as a gamble.

The research concludes that most executives agree that failing to digitalize fast enough will result in a loss of productivity, reduced business responsiveness to rapidly changing markets and problems with customer retention and loyalty.

While there is agreement that digital transformation will have a major top line impact in terms of how organizations create value for their customers, a huge disconnect exists in terms of strategic priorities for digital projects.

  • Only one in three respondents agreed that digital priorities are fully aligned within their organization.
  • Many business leader think digitalization is a job best left to the IT department.
  • One in three executives think they are already over-spending on digital projects.
  • Only 25 per cent feel “extremely confident” in advising on the right choices.

The Fujitsu survey supports the main findings of other recent studies in this area and shows that Digital Business Leaders Are Even More Urgently Required.

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