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A new study by Forrester Consulting, Prepare Your Business for the Digital Future, claims that the absence of a clear digital strategy is one of the main barriers to successful digital transformation in most organisations.

To evaluate an organisation’s maturity, Forrester asked respondents to assess their digital strategy, organisation, and technology, examining dimensions such as executive support, vision, resourcing, and operational effectiveness. Based on the results, respondents were segmented into four categories: experts, operators, strategists and laggards.

The study found that only one in 10 (11%) of the organisations studied could be classified as digital experts, with the majority (57%) being laggards - defined as an organisation with weak digital transformation strategies and lacking the ability to execute.

The top challenges organisations faced included: a lack of funds allocated to digital strategy (49%), conflicting KPIs from across the business (38%), poor integration with legacy systems (33%) and poor execution on past projects impacting the digital team’s credibility (27%).

The three pillars of successful digital transformation are:

  1. Focus digital transformation on the customer.
  2. Unite the business to drive digital.
  3. Find the right funding model.

Jim H

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