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The Critical Role of Digital Change Agents

Another excellent article from Brian Solis and one very relevant to our ‘Leading Digital Change’ 2018 Masterclass series.

The core theme of the article can be summarised as follows:

  • Digital transformation is more than just digital. It is about modernising and future-proofing your organisation. First and foremost, successful digital transformation is about people and culture, not technology.
  • Many organisations continue to struggle with implementing successful change programmes. Digital change agents have a critical role to play in accelerating progress - the unsung heroes of every successful digital transformation.
  • The challenge is whether executives can find and empower them to bring the organisation together around unified digital initiatives.

The traits of a digital change agent, as explained by Brian, are highly relevant to Future Digital Leaders.

  • Change agents are early adopters of digital, wishing to help their companies modernise.
  • They may start as digital advocates developing over time into experienced business transformers.
  • They have the courage to step outside the ‘norm’, helping others to modernise and innovation.
  • The work done by digital change agents may lead to uncoordinated, disjointed efforts across the organisation, but this will establish a solid foundation for more formal initiatives to gain momentum.
  • Change agents act as catalysts helping to push forward the transformation agenda. However, while some may be born leaders, many are reluctant agents of change, lacking the management expertise to handle obstacles to progress, especially the political and cultural aspects of organisational life.

The article identifies four main types of digital change agent as summarised in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: Digital Change Agents

Source: Solis, 2018

The full article can be accessed here - Change Agents: The unsung heroes of digital transformation

Highly recommended reading for Future Digital Leaders.

As always, comment and feedback are very welcome.

Jim H

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