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"They call us millennials and Gen Z. We are over 140 million strong, represent 25% of the workforce, nearly $2 trilllion of buying power, even though over 60% of us still live at home.

We are politically liberal leaning and the most diverse generation by far. We don’t read the newspaper, listen to the radio, watch network TV, or use a home phone number. We spend a lot of time online, building our digital network and consuming information from it.

Unfortunately, due to fewer opportunities and record levels of student debt, we probably won’t have our own car or house for a long time (and maybe never).

If you run a company and want us to love your brand or even work for you someday, here are some more things you should know about us."

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A recent McKinsey podcast examined how technology has affected employment and incomes in manufacturing and other sectors and whether automation could widen the gap between high- and low-income jobs.

Automation could reduce workers’ wages, further widen the gap between rich and the poor. Smart policies will be required to prevent unemployment and wage friction in the future.

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Artificial intelligence and robotics are disrupting every aspect of work and redefining productivity. The old ways of working, assessing capabilities, hiring and compensation, are undergoing a massive change.

A recent Knowledge@Wharton conversation discussed what this means for individuals, organizations and countries. Managerial jobs and tasks that are repetitive in nature will be displaced and the ability to learn new skills will be critical for individuals who want to stay relevant. Companies will need to devise new ways of training and assessing the skills of employees while countries must develop a learning ecosystem.

“Work will be more contractual in nature and deep technical skills, creativity and learnability will be at a premium.”

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