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state of digital 2016 (1)

As digital leaders, it is imperative that we keep up-to-date with current leading-edge thinking in an era characterised by turbulent digital change and digital disruption. Our Digital Leadership Insight series provides an annotated summary of the most recent and insightful reports covering the broad themes of digital disruption, digital transformation and digital leadership.

For the inaugural July edition, we review over 25 papers, books and reports on the ‘State of Digital 2016’.

Five main conclusions emerge from the publications reviewed below:

  • There is now general acceptance across most organisations of the need to transform digitally.
  • While no industry, no organisation, no individual is immune from the threat of being disrupted, there is a growing gap between ‘leading digital’ companies and the rest. 
  • Soft leadership skills, not just technology, are critical to successful transformation.
  • There will be winners and losers…
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