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An interesting article reviewing the key challenges affecting the education sector, discussing how technological advances, from digitisation to cognitive computing, can transform the learning journey.

The continuation of the one-size-fits all model for education, which efficiently produced large batches of factory workers in the industrial age, is leading to widespread disengagement with the education system - especially, when getting a degree or diploma is no longer a ticket to a secure employment and a stable life. 

On a more optimistic note, emerging digital technologies provide exciting opportunities for transforming education. This will require a fundamental change in education's traditional conservative approach to embracing technology.

"Dependence on government spending and old-world policies often meant that technology was perceived as a good-to-have capability to be considered after addressing more pressing problems of the education industry, rather than as strategic a tool to overcome many of the deficiencies or provide a competitive advantage. This perception is changing with even emerging economies leapfrogging into the digital age through massive deployment of low-cost laptops and tablets, and expansion of broadband technologies. The availability of cloud-based platforms for disseminating content and delivering pedagogy at scale - as evidenced, for example, in the rise of the MOOCs - means that we can expect significant progress to be made in the coming years in lowering costs and increasing access to quality education."

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