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10 Use Cases of the Blockchain

"In the mid-1990s, smart managers worked hard to understand the Internet and how it would affect their businesses. Today, blockchain technology is ushering in the second generation of the Internet, and if companies don’t want to get left behind, they’ll need to dodge the innovator’s dilemma and disrupt from within." (Don Tapscott).

In a blog post back in May 2016, Understanding the Blockchain, we argued that the distributed ledger technology could revolutionise the world economy, giving rise to a new era of the Internet even more disruptive and transformative than the current one.

While much of the current hype around Blockchain focuses on the potential to fundamentally change the financial services industry, the technology could have a much wider and more profound effect, transforming business, government and society. By taking networked business models to a new level, Blockchain technology could support a whole host of breakthrough applications revolutionising a broad range of industries and services.

 An interesting article, by Information Week contributor Cynthia Harvey, presents a useful summary of 11 possible Blockchain use cases covering:

  • Tracking food and other goods
  • Secure software development
  • Digital content management
  • Healthcare records
  • Mortgage approvals
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Audit trails
  • Voting
  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrrency

You can access the full article here – How to Use Blockchain: 10 Use Cases

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